The Delta Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau has a long and rich history as one of Cal Poly's most trailblazing and involved organizations.

The Chapter was originally founded in 1957, before fraternities were even allowed on Cal Poly's campus. It began as a spirit organization named "The Association for Kellogg Spirit". This group of men formed their group to support the school and its athletes, as well as to have some sort of group at Cal Poly that was similar to a Fraternity.

After several years, the school finally decided to allow fraternities onto campus, and the Association for Kellogg Spirit transformed its initials, A.K.S., into their Greek equivalents and the new name of "Alpha Kappa Sigma" was adopted. Over the years, Alpha Kappa Sigma, still commonly referred to as "A.K.S.", set the pace for the Greek Community at Cal Poly. Members of AKS were among the founder's of Cal Poly's newspaper, "The Poly Post", and they were also involved in the placement of the large "CP" letters on the hill above campus. As more Greek organizations came onto campus, AKS brothers helped to form the original Greek Council on campus; the organization with representatives from each Greek organization that oversees all Greek activity on campus.

During the late sixties, the brothers of AKS, after moving from house to house for a while, decided that it was time to settle down and move into a large, Victorian-style house at 300 West Center Street, in Pomona. The new Chapter House quickly became the heart of the Fraternity, and it continues to be so today. Plus, the House is owned solely by the Chapter's House Corporation, so it will continue to be the focal point of the Chapter's activities for decades to come.

In the early 1980's, the campus trend was for local fraternities to link-up with National Fraternities. There were several reasons for this, including insurance purposes, educational incentives, and the backing of a nationwide source of resources and networking. In 1984, Alpha Kappa Sigma became the Delta Tau Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau National Fraternity. The brothers of AKS decided upon joining Phi Kappa Tau because it was the national organization that most matched their spirit of leadership and involvement in Fraternity, school, and community.

That involvement in Fraternity, school, and community has always been a hallmark of the Chapter. From the days of AKS, to the current days of Phi Kappa Tau, the Chapter has always stayed involved on campus. Brothers have held leadership positions in both Student and Greek governments. They have also always believed in giving back to the community by donating both time and money to worthy charities, both locally and nationally.

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